We are one of the largest manufacturers of Ranitidine HCl (An anti–ulcer drug). Our core competence lies in the development of cost effective processes for APIs & their intermediates with consistent quality.
The R&D team consists of well-experienced, talented, knowledgeable, innovative organic chemists & chemical engineers from different / various reputed organizations / Institutions.
  Our R&D expertise are:
  Handling of hazardous reactions involving handling of Sodium hydride, Sodium azide, Sodium Methoxide, n- Butyl lithium, Sodium cyanide etc.
  Low temperature reactions using liquid Nitrogen
  High vacuum distillations
  High temperature reactions
  Chiral separations
  Stereo selective synthesis
  Reactions involving phase transfer catalysts
  Custom synthesis
  Contract research
  Impurity profile study
  Analytical method development as per ICH guidelines
  Process hazard assessment & minimization of worker exposure & environmental impacts.
  Route selection, Process design and production alternatives
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