A full-fledged Pilot plant is setup to scale-up the R&D activities. The pilot plant is spread over an area of 110 sq.m. The facility is well equipped with all types of sophisticated process equipment required in the scale-up activities supported by required utilities.

The pilot plant is also actively involved in process development and custom synthesis. Qualified and highly skilled scientists and engineers are engaged in research on new product development and on the company's core products.
Essentially, our research and development effort fulfills three basic objectives, which are as follows:

  The development of new products
  Continuous improvement in the quality and performance of our existing products
  Increasing efficiencies in our manufacturing processes
  Preparation of:
  Starting materials, Intermediates & final products
  Reference compounds (Literature)
  Resolution of enantiomers (Optical resolution)
  Chiral Synthesis
  Preparation of structural isomers
  Repeat samples
  Process impurities, by-products, and degradants
  Chemical reaction expertise:
  Chemical oxidations
  Metal hydride reductions
  Acylation (Friedel-Crafts)
  Brominations & Iodinations
  Catalytic Reductions (High &Low Pressure)
  Grignard Reactions
  High Temperature & Pressure reactions
  Our Team Consists of:
  Ph.D. Scientists
  Chemical Engineers
  Master and Bachlor – Level Chemists and Technicians
  Teams dedicated to custom synthesis
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